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Lawn Seeds

Brunnings Guarantee

Brunnings Garden Products offer to provide replacement seed or to refund your purchase price if you are not completely satisfied with the results obtained from our products within 60 days from the date of purchase.

For full details of the Brunnings Product Guarantee, click on the product information sheet below.

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Marathon Couch Lawn Seed

Brunnings Marathon Couch Lawn Seed creates an extremely hardwearing, lush green lawn that will thrive in warm to dry conditions. Marathon Couch needs less water than most other lawn types and is self repairing, so even damaged areas will re-establish over time. Marathon Couch also contains a nursery cover of easy-to-establish seed blends to provide fast results in 7-10 days.

500g sows 20 sq metres of lawn.

Available in 500g pack.

Tough Lawn Seed

Tough Lawn Seed is a hardwearing budget blend. It establishes quickly, with germination commencing in 7-10 days and is ideal for high traffic areas such as nature strips and back lawns. Tough Lawn Seed is suitable for most normal conditions including clay and sandy soils.

1kg sows 35 sq. metres.

Available in 500g, 1kg and 3kg.3kg not available in WA.

Marathon Kikuyu Lawn Seed

Brunnings Marathon Kikuyu is a lush, green, strong and rapidly growing grass. It covers quickly with vigorous runners. It is also self repairing. Sow from late September to late February. Germination is best when soil temperature is over 21 degrees.

Available in 500g to sow 50 sq. metres or 2.5kg to sow 250 sq. metres.

Dichondra Lawn Seed

Brunnings Dichondra is a soft, green, ground hugging plant which can be used as a lawn or between stonework. It is not especially wear-tolerant and is ideal for low traffic use only. Otherwise very durable once established.

Available in 200g, sows 20 sq. metres.

Lawn Clover Seed

Brunnings Lawn Clover is a strong evergreen cover for lawns, rockeries and all low maintenance areas. Combines well with many perennial grasses to form a thick lawn.

Available in 200g, sows 20 sq. metres

Queensland Blue Couch

Brunnings Queensland Blue Couch is a lush, soft blue green couch which mows to a beautiful carpet. Ideal for temperate and sub-tropical areas. Sow from late September to late February. Germination is best when soil temperature is over 21 degrees.

Available in 100g, sows 10 sq. metres.

Available in Queensland only.

Sun and Shadow Lawn Seed

Sun & Shadow Lawn Seed is a special blend which is suited to both sunny and shady areas.

It is hardwearing, evergreen and can be grown in both clay and sandy soil. Sun & Shadow is contains Easy Wetta for water retention and is also blended with slow release fertiliser to give the lawn a boost once germination is complete.

Available in 500g which sows 20 sq. metres.

Couch Lawn Seed

Brunnings Couch Lawn Seed is a hard wearing, fast establishing couch blend. It is ideally suited to hot, dry climates and in full sun. Rapid Couch grows in clay and sandy soil and is drought tolerant.
Being a couch it is also self-repairing, making it relatively low maintenance.

Available in 250g, sows 27 sq. metres.

Lawn Patching

Lawn Repair

Lawn Repair is the ultimate lawn patching kit. It contains 500g of quality, hardwearing lawn seed which can sow 15 sq. metres or oversow 30 sq. metres.

It also contains 1kg of special Lawn Starter Fertiliser which provides essential nutrients for germinating lawn seed and promotes rapid root and leaf growth for fast establishment. It also feeds the new lawn area until after the first mowing.

Available in 1.5kg.

Shade Fix

Brunnings Shade Fix is specifically formulated for patching hard to grow shady areas. Shade Fix is contains a slow release fertiliser to give the lawn a boost once germination is complete.
Quick to establish, results in 7 to 10 days.

200g sows 8 sq. metres or oversows 16 sq. metres.

Lawn Fix

A fast growing lawn seed to fix bare patches on lawns.
Blended with a slow release fertiliser for post germination greening.
Quick results in 7-10 days.

200g oversows 15 sq. metres or patches 7 sq. metres.

Lawn Fertilisers & Conditioners

Green Up Lawn Food

Brunnings Green Up Lawn Food is a special formulation of the essential nutrients needed to encourage both greening and overall healthy lawn growth (including clover lawns). It contains high levels of Nitrogen for leaf growth and colour, Phosphorus for strong root growth and Potassium for strength and to increase resistance to stress and fungal disease.

Green Up Lawn Food can be used all year round.

Green Up is available in 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg (feeds 400 sq. metres) and 25kg sizes.

After Mow Lawn Food

Brunnings After Mow Lawn Food is the ideal lawn food for use immediately after mowing. It does not need to be watered in and still contains all the essential nutrients to promote a thicker, healthier lawn.

The special blend of organic ingredients also contains at least 2% Iron (Fe) and will feed for months, improving suppression of weeds and greater resistance to disease.

Available in 3.5kg pack.

Buffalo Lawn Food

Brunnings Buffalo Lawn Food is a specially formulated fertiliser that creates stunning green Buffalo lawns. Buffalo Lawn Food combines the key NPK elements, Iron, natural Australian volcanic minerals and the benefits of a unique biological inoculants to achieve strong, healthy and lasting growth. It is suitable for all areas and soil types from coastal alkali sands to heavier acid clays. Feeds up to 160 sq. metres of Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu lawns.

Available in 4kg pack.

Easy Wetta Lawn Food

Brunnings Easy Wetta Triple Action Lawn Food is an advanced formula which promotes greening, healthy lawn growth, root development and resistance to stress and fungus disease.

Each fertiliser granule is specially treated to keep moisture in root zones longer and saves water by reducing run-off while the organic components break down ensuring lawns receive nutrients for months.

Available in 3kg pack.

Lawn Planting Fertiliser

Brunnings Lawn Planting Fertiliser provides essential nutrients for germinating lawn seed and promotes rapid root and leaf growth for fast establishment. It feeds lawn grasses until after the first mowing and should also be used when laying instant turf.

Available in 2.5kg (covers 30 sq. metres) and 5kg sizes

Easy Wetta Wetting Agent

Easy Wetta is a specially formulated wetting agent that can be used on lawns, gardens and even potting mixes. It improves penetration of water so that it can reach deep down to the roots of the plants without leaving dry spots. Easy Wetta also helps hold water in the root zones longer. By improving the efficiency of water usage, it is not necessary to water as often. Not surprisingly Easy Wetta is ideal for use in hot, dry summer conditions.

Easy Wetta is available in convenient 2L (treats 100 sq. metres), 2.4L (treats 120 sq. metres) and 3.5L hose-ons (treats 175 sq. metres).

Easy Wetta Granules

Easy Wetta Wetter Granules save water by improving water penetration in the soil. Wetter Granules keep moisture in the root zones longer and reduces run off resulting in stronger, deeper root systems.
Watering becomes more effective and the frequency of watering is reduced.
Easy Wetta Wetter Granules start working immediately and last for up to 6 months.
Can be used in lawns, garden beds, potted plants and hanging baskets.

Available in 2.5L, 5kg or 10kg packs.

Soil Improvers for Lawns

Gypsum Clay Breaker

Brunnings Gypsum Clay Beaker is a mineral soil conditioner which improves the structure and drainage of heavy clay soils. It also adds calcium and aids overall aeration of top soil.

Brunnings Gypsum Clay Breaker is the ideal preparation when planting or renovating lawns or garden beds.

When preparing to plant a new lawn in heavy clay soil we recommend digging soil to a depth of 10cm, working the top 3cm of soil to a fine texture and applying Brunnings Gypsum at the recommended rate.

Available in 10kg & 25kg sizes.

Garden Lime

Brunnings Garden Lime is used for correcting soil acidity, especially in high rainfall areas where Lime may be leached from soils.

Before planting a new lawn we always recommend that you check soil acidity with a pH soil tester. A pH6 to 7 is ideal. Soils testing below 6-7 are acidic. In this situation we recommend using Brunnings Garden Lime at the recommended rate to increase the soil pH.

Available in 3kg, 5kg and 10kg sizes.


Brunnings Dolomite improves the structure of hard soils by allowing for greater penetration of air and moisture, correcting soil acidity and providing plants with essential nutrients; calcium and magnesium. Dolomite also aids in the decomposition of raw organic materials.

Available in 5kg size.

Lawn Protection

Lawn Grub & Beetle Kill HO

Brunnings Lawn Grub & Beetle Klll Hose-On provides all-in-one control of lawn grubs and beetles in an easy to use, hose-on application.

Formulated to control curl grubs and billbug larvae including African Black Beetle larvae.

Treats up to 100 square metres of lawn.

Lawn Grub & Beetle Kill

Brunnings Lawn Grub and Beetle Kill Granular Insecticide provides fast acting, high effective control of lawn grubs and beetles in the home garden.

Simply apply granules to affected areas and water in.

Treats up to 80 sq. metres of lawn.

For details on Controlling Weeds in Lawns click here.

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