Spring Gardening Jobs

Spring has finally spring and it's finally time to head outdoors to feel the warmth of the spring sun. As people head out into the garden, the first job of spring is always dealing with the blanket of weeds after the wet months of winter. Here's a handy list of jobs to help prepare your garden for enjoying during the warm months ahead.


Spring is about getting weeds under control, planting, pest control and fertilising. Our simple check list below will help in aiding you to get your garden underway.

Head out into the garden and give shrubs a good prune. Quick growing, low hanging trees and perennials, may need a bit of shaping. Take care not to prune any new flowering buds or you may face disappointment later when you don’t get any flowers. It’s also time to prune any plants that flowered over winter and autumn.

Clover and bindii may also be taking over lawns. Brunnings Bindii and Clover Kill is the solution.

Find out which weed killer to choose on our Problem Solver section to find the best solution to dealing with a common range of weeds.

Planning on laying a new lawn this season? It's the perfect time to do this while there is still moisture in the air and the roots have time to establish before the heat of summer.

Divide any clumping perennials now so that they have time to re-establish before the heat of summer.

Use a wetting agent on all areas of the garden to ensure that every drop of spring rain goes to the roots of the plants where it is needed most.

Once weeds are dealt with, add a new layer of mulch to freshen up garden beds. For added benefit, use a layer of newspaper over the soil before the mulch or pea straw as it helps to keep existing weeds at bay & prevents any seeds from sprouting.

Regularly trim the hedges during spring. With the weather now warming up, shrubs grow strongly and can quickly get out of shape if left on own.

Have lemon trees in your garden? Prune them to help retain their shape and keep them shorter as that will make picking the lemons easier.

Remove dead leaves of bulbs & leave them in the soil or, if cluttered, lift them and save them for re-planting in the cooler autumn months.

Apply gypsum & compost into clay soil to try to improve its drainage before summer. Use organic matter such as compost and well-rotted manure through sandy soil to aid with water holding capacity and provide essential nutrients to plants.

Pinch back chrysanthemums to encourage bushy growth.

Apply a wetting agent all over the garden, including hanging baskets. Just because it has been raining doesn’t mean that the water has gotten through the soil.