Casino Games: When Gambling And Casino Games Are On The Same Side "The only sure way to get rich is to play the blackjack or roulette", said that crazy gambler in the newspaper a few days ago. That gambler is right because there is no doubt about it; gambling is a gamble. A gamble that only a lucky one can play and get rich. On the other hand, there is not much difference between the playing of the roulette or the blackjack, neither is there much difference between playing the casino games like roulette and the casino games like slots. You play them with the same amount of luck, the same amount of luck that a casino manager holds. Same amount of luck that is needed to place bets and win. What is wrong with gambling? Is gambling wrong for us? Why should we not play casinos, rather than playing slots, which is just a variation of roulette, with no chance to win at all. The theory about the same amount of luck applies in both cases, just as it does in every case. However, it is obvious that we should not take this approach if you ask me. It is very simple really. When playing the casino games, you play only with your own luck, that is, with your own decisions and actions. Luck or chance must be on your side. It should be the same when you gamble and play the casino games. So we should not take the same amount of luck to be applied when we gamble and when we play the casino games. No, we should make an extra effort to gain some extra luck on our side. This is a very important point that we should always keep in mind when we are playing the casino games. Luck is here and we cannot resist the forces of it. This is the essential thing to remember, you can do whatever you want but you can never do otherwise. Sometimes it looks like luck is everywhere, sometimes it seems like there is no luck anywhere, but the truth is you can have all the luck you want but you can never have all the luck you want. So make the extra effort to become luckier, try your luck more and have more luck. The more luck you have the more chance you have to win at the casino. Luck is definitely on your side when you play casino games. You may not see any result in your gambles but the luck will definitely turn around, just the same as what happens in the casino. The more luck you have the more chances you have to win at the .