Even with the best lawn protection products on hand, numerous trials and demonstrations have shown that there are factors other than product choice that can affect how you can achieve good disease, weed and insect control on your lawn. 

Brunnings has a proud history of researching, evaluating and educating on these factors to help garden enthusiasts get the most from their lawn protection products.

 The Easy Spray Nozzle

Brunnings has listened to your feedback and develop the new Easy Spray Nozzle. Each nozzle has been designed specifically to improve the performance of Brunnings hose-on products to ensure proper delivery of the chemicals to your lawns.

The Brunnings Easy Spray nozzle features:

Thicker straw for stronger suction 
Guarantees stronger suction and an even application even with lower water pressure.

Softer plastic straw
Virtually eliminates the risk of straws falling out in transit.

New Hose Fitting
With the influx of different hose fittings flooding the market, the new nozzle has been tested to ensure it is versatile enough to work reliably on even poor quality fittings without popping and leaking.

Child Resistant Features
Brunnings have maintained this important double action feature. This comprises of:

  • Side lugs and threaded cap that prevent the child from wrestling the cap off the bottle.

  • Smooth front lip that requires only a finger nail or coin to easily open but makes it is set into the recess so well that it cannot be accessed by a small child.
   NEW Easy Spray Nozzle        

Brunnings Easy Spray Nozzle will be available on all of the Brunnings Hose-On products starting July 2017.